Code Samples

WAV Compressor

This code sample demonstrates how to transform and compress a WAV file. The process of compressing a WAV file starts by converting the raw data into a encodible format. After the transformation phase the data is limited to a defined range of values between 0 and Q. Data that has been encrypted and compressed is usually smaller then the original data, however when decompressed the result is of a much lower quality than the source.

Messaging System

The messaging system displayed here was one created for a personal game engine called the Aesir Engine. The system is modeled loosely after the observer messaging pattern. When an event occurs the engine dispatches an associated message to every object that has registered to listen for that event. This allows game objects to communicate with each other outside of the core of the engine.

Spline Interpolator

This sample demonstrates multiple ways to build and render splines. Splines are smooth curves generated from only a few control points. Some of the spline methods included in this sample are Nested Linear Interpolation, Bernstein Polynomial, Midpoint Spline, Interpolation Polynomial, De Boors Algorithm.